You are welcome to the Nigerian Amalgamated Groups for Democratic Supports (NAGDS). Our mission is simple: to redefine the political landscape of our beloved country, Nigeria. NAGDS is an amalgamation of groups from Nigeria and around the world that share the vision of cleaning the political minefield covered with acrimonies, nepotism, and godfatherism. For so long, Nigerian political elites have been running the country like their private companies with the expectation of profit. We are a fusion of like minds that are determined and resolute to create an equitable political environment where every Nigerian has a fair shot at all political offices in the land. We believe you shouldn’t need millions least billions of Naira to run an election. Ones character should be more than enough to enable one to get in the political ring to compete, and with these simple frame of minds, we propose the “New Candidate” and Independent Candidacy” as the core values of this organization.
New candidate: As a group, we intend to pursue with vigor the new candidacy agenda. This means that all candidate in any election cycle would be new faces. This is a local goal to the organization crafted to challenge the political status quo that have phantom the political recycle system that produces the same set of people as political leaders from the inception of the country. These leaders have been recycled to the point that they are systematically replacing their aged selves with their heirs as if Nigeria is a inheritable property. The process has blocked many young, brilliant, and courageous Nigerians from the political process, thereby living bunch of short-sighted leaders and crooks at the helms of affairs of the country. No wonder we can’t move a needle since gaining independence. With your support, it is our mission to put an end to this practice, and strive to give every able body and sound mind opportunities to contribute to the development of our great nation. As you join this group, you are called to action to find a niche for yourself within the laid down framework to contribute in your locality, community, state, region and indeed nation. Charity begins at home, and in NAGDS, we practice what we preach, and as such, our open door policy is adopted to promote democratic tenets that would welcome all ideas no matter how little or big it may appear.
Independent Candidacy: This is a national goal of the NAGDS to put enormous pressure on our legislative body at all levels to do the needful by passing laws that would promote and guarantee independent candidacy. What does this mean, simply put, any Nigerian who so well desired to run or contest an election should be free to do so without joining any political party to do so. This is a standard practice from great democracies in the world. By our analysis, our legislators have put a systemic design in place to purposely eliminate qualified Nigerians from the Nigeria political sphere for fear of robust competition. With your supports and participation, it is our mission to challenge this shenanigan of reducing the destinies of almost Two Hundred Million (200,000,000) people to a kick boxing between fundamentally two political parties camouflaging as multiple parties. No surprise then, there are deflections over deflections in this political dispensation, just to reposition themselves (political elites) for the manna that may fall from the 2019 election. This madness needs to be stopped by pushing for independent candidacy to be included in the constitution. Though, this is a long term goal for NAGDS, the strategies to make it achievable are already in place. Members would be briefed on the plans and strategies to get this done at the appropriate time in the course of the struggle.
As you are welcome to the group, you are also qualified for the following benefits free of charge
Educational empowerment through IT certifications of economic values

Computer repair training course
Microsoft productivity certificates training
Introduction to programming course
Web design
Empowerment training on independent trades (Snail, Fishery, and Animal husbandry) Block making Industry (How to)

N.A.G.D.S will provide all access ( devices,data,professional advice and support) to international learning portals and international online marketplaces to enable Nigerians at home work and be paid in hard currency.

Again welcome to a democratic group that promises a new dawn in the Nigeria political landscape. As we soldier on in this struggle, we will be each other’s succor and strength. Together we can make it happen. God bless Nigeria !!!, God bless NAGDS !! God bless you !
Lanre Abuma Ayorinde

Lanre Abuma Ayorinde
Lanre Abuma Ayorinde
Director General N.A.G.D.S WorldWide.
Professor Kayode Jowosimi
Prof. Kayode Jowosimi
Director of Administration. N.A.G.D.S.
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Princess Funmi Joshua
Princess Funmi Joshua
Director of Digital Prints N.A.G.D.S
Kayode Adeeko
Kayode Adeeko
Director of Education. N.A.G.D.S.